1998 – Prevent Construction of “Sea and Sun” Project on Nort

A direct action conducted by students who penetrated into the exclusive “Sea and Sun” real estate project construction in the dead of night. 6 activists (3 from the Green Course and 3 from Green Action) holed up on one of the cranes and hung huge banners. They managed to remain on the cranes for 4 days and 3 nights. This activity was part of a wider campaign that included protest rallies, showcase activities and wide media surveys, including a first Green Course survey televised on the global CNN channel.

The Result: Rony Milo, then Mayor of Tel Aviv, officially announced the freezing of the construction plans intended for continuation of the project. The success of this struggle was an important milestone in removing Israel’s beaches from the grasp of the greedy real estate sharks and returning them to the public. Without the faith and daring of the leaders and activists of this campaign, today there would probably be a Sea and Sun 2, 3 and 4.