community organizers program for environmental change

What does it mean to be a community organizer?

Community organizers are people dedicated to making a change.

Community organizers are the campus coordinators of active Green Course chapters who understand that small and determined groups of activists can change reality. Green Course is a grassroots organization and community organizers are the driving force that decides the strategy and plan of action behind the campaign of each Green Course cell.

Community organizers are responsible for the personal and professional development of their team members through their work and responsibilities in active assignments, and learn to conduct business democratically, transparently, and openly. Each chapter has opportunities to work with professionals in the areas of media, campaigning, government relations, and more. Organizers are helped by their mentors, professional activists from Green Courses national cells with relevant careers.

The Community organizer training program was established to train the leaders of change in Israel, with an emphasis on the environment and active civic engagement. The program is intended for students and young people from all over the country who want to lead change.

The program includes training in the fields of recruitment, managing and motivating volunteers, and in the fascinating field of creating campaigns for social change. The program accepts all students from university campuses throughout the country (with an advantage for students who have a background of green activity and the experience of at least two years of study).

If you have a burning desire to make a difference and you believe that you have the passion to do what it takes, Green Course will give you the tools to fulfill your maximum potential.