Fossil Fuel Divestment

Climate change is influencing many today around the world and in Israel. Hardships will continue to escalate if significant action will delay to come. The effects of climate change have many economic and social implications, affecting bio-diversity and the health and well-being of the residents of Israel. According to the OECD, 2,500 people die every year because of air the exposure to pollution in Israel – 7 times more than those who die because of car accidents.

Israel’s public institutions are deeply invested in the fossil fuel industry. As for today, no public institution in Israel has committed to divest from fossil fuels.

Joining the global Fossil Free movement fighting fossil fuels, we at Green Course are campaigning the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the University of Haifa, two public and prestigious universities, to divest their investments as part of our goal to stigmatize the fossil fuel industry. Public money is funding our universities, municipalities and pension funds that are profiting from local oil, coal and gas companies, which our causing suffering and harm to people and life.

Divesting the University’s investments from fossil fuels and investingin more ethical and clean industries, contributes to enervating the legitimacyof the fossil fuel industry by calling them out for the harm they cause to ourplanet. Divestment of the two Universities will cause a ripple effect on toother public institutions to divest, and to move towards a transparentinvestment and finance system.

COP24: Green Course is organizing a side event regarding food & climate at COP24 as well! The event is co-organized with the Humane Society International and is focused on discussing concrete policies to reduce animal products and encourage a shift towards a plant-based diet. The event takes place on December 13th at 11.30 AM. Link to digital Invite : The mitigation potential of plant-based diets: from science to policy

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