Green Course is

Non profit registered NGO , based on volunteers and donations from foundations and the public.

What do we do with the money

Donation to Green course  will enable us to harness the tremendous experience we have acquired sabotaging the anti-environmental decisions by raising burning issues on the agenda. We operate through hundreds of volunteers in the field who express the shout of all: in demonstrations, public events, the Knesset, in front of decision makers and more. The financial statements of the organization and the five highest paid can be found on Guidestar web site

How to support us

You can support us by credit card in a regular monthly contribution, a one-time donation or joining round-up. Regular monthly contribution of a small amount reinforces our ability to function for long term, holds and builds a strong community around us and a large public power.

Important details

* Unfortunately we can not accept American Express

** Rules of Procedure

More ways to support us

Check payable to "Green Course"

Mailbox 472 Tel Aviv Postcode 6515703

Bank Transfer

Green Course, Mizrahi Bank (20), branch no. 408 Rival St., account 377014

With every transaction you make on your credit card,your bill will be rounded up to the nearest sheqels, and the change will go to Green Course - click here