Youth Climate Protest

The Youth Climate Protest, which functions independently, with our full accompaniment, assistance and support, is the Israeli branch of Fridays for Future. The Youth Climate Protest is gaining momentum around the world, and is led by pupils. Youngsters around the world are protesting the failure of governments and elected officials to deal with the climate […]

Ashdod – Yavneh

The Yavneh cell began as an organization of residents who moved to Yavneh neighborhoods, close to the northern industrial area of Ashdod. Only after arriving to their new homes, did they detect the bad odor that made them shut themselves inside their homes and close the windows each time. The residents suspected that the smells […]


The Haifa area in Israel has the highest rate of cancer and asthma. The Haifa Bay contains the most polluting industries in Israel. The Health Ministry and the World Health Organization have recognized the connection between industrial air pollution and increased disease, for over five years. The polluting industries in Haifa Bay, the leading one […]

Tel Aviv Climate

The Tel Aviv Climate Cell is a community cell which has been in operation for over eight years. Over the years, cell members have engaged in various struggles and campaigns against production and export plans of polluting fuels in Israel. Among them, the struggle of the East-Med Pipeline, protests at Greenwash conferences and a series […]

Beer Sheba

The Be’er Sheva area is a community/student cell that has existed for over ten years and operates together with the city’s community structures. Over the years, the cell members have engaged in various struggles and campaigns, such as the struggle against establishing new settlements in the Negev, and various campaigns on urban issues that touch […]

Jisr a-Zarqa

The Jisr a-Zarqa cell was established two years ago as a result of the desire of a group of female residents to deal with the waste problem in the village. Population density in Jisr a-Zarqa is high, infrastructure for separation of waste is non-existent and the frequency of waste removal is low. This situation creates […]

The Coast and the Sea

The Coastal and Sea Cell has been in existence for almost a decade and works vigorously to protect our coastal and marine environment. Gas and oil drilling, sewage discharge, uncontrolled fishing and massive construction on the coast – are destroying our sea. The sea constitutes a significant part in mitigating climate change and produces 50% […]

Preventing Higher Education Institutions from Investing in Polluting Fuels

As students, and also as young citizens who work to improve the quality of life in Israel, it is clear to us that the higher education institutions must lead the war on the climate crisis! As part of the struggle, they must transfer their money from investments in polluting companies to investments that contribute to […]

Energy and Climate

מגמה ירוקה מובילה את הפעילות הציבורית בנושא משבר האקלים ואת בנייתה של תנועת אקלים חזקה ויציבה. אנחנו פועלים לייצר בקרב הציבור ומקבלי החלטות תחושה של דחיפות וחירום סביב משבר האקלים ולהניע קהלים רחבים ככל הניתן לפעולה בהיקפים גדולים. עם פרסום דו”ח האו”ם בסוף שנת 2018 וההבנה שאנו נמצאים במצב חירום, החלטנו להתמקד בצורך המיידי להכריז על מצב חירום אקלימי, ולדחוף את הממשלה לנקוט בצעדים מהירים להתמודדות עם המשבר ועצירתו. 

Air Pollution

The effect of the production of polluting fuels does not end with the emissions that exacerbate the climate crisis, it doesn’t even begin there. In various cases, polluting industries are close to residential areas – which is completely unacceptable, pollutes the air we breathe and causes diseases, including cancer. We at Green Course believe that […]

Sustainable Urbanism

עירוניות בת-קיימא היא כזו ששמה במרכז את האיזון בין הצורך בצמיחה עירונית, לבין שמירה על הסביבה והתושבים.ות החיים.ות בה. הקשר בין מגמה ירוקה לעירוניות בת קיימא הוא קשר הדוק ובלתי ניתן להפרדה. אנחנו חולמים.ות על עיר שנוכל ללכת בה באמת, מהמקום ממנו יצאנו למקום אליו אנחנו רוצים.ות להגיע. עירוניות בת-קיימא היא לא רק נוחה יותר, היא גם בריאה יותר, כלכלית יותר וצודקת יותר.

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