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Diversion of Investments of Institutions of Higher Education

Preventing Higher Education Institutions from Investing in Polluting Fuels

As students, and also as young citizens who work to improve the quality of life in Israel, it is clear to us that the higher education institutions must lead the war on the climate crisis! As part of the struggle, they must transfer their money from investments in polluting companies to investments that contribute to the environment and society. Therefore, we have decided to demand the universities in Israel divert their investments from polluting fuels.

The campaign in Israel began at the Hebrew University, due to the fact that it is the largest university in the country and is recognized around the world as well. We continued to act in additional academic institutions, such as Ben Gurion University.

Thanks to over 1,500 signatures of students and lecturers at the Hebrew University, 12 Knesset Members, alumni of the University and two years of vigorous activity, things have begun to change. As part of the campaign, which included various steps and varied actions, we turned directly to the administration of the University. The Hebrew University responded to Green Course’s student activists’ request and after a discussion that was conducted on the topic with activists of the organization and Knesset Members Dov Hanin and Roey Folkman – the University announced that in 2017, in accordance with the decision of the University Fund Committee, it will adopt a responsible investment policy, and thus became the first academic institution in Israel to do so.

However, in actual fact, beyond investing in the Impact Foundation, the University has not diverted most of its funds from fossil fuels. We will continue to act until we ensure that the University has actually diverted its investments in accordance with its declaration.

In addition to the Hebrew University, due to the efforts of the activists of Green Course in Be’er Sheva, together with lecturers and students at Ben Gurion University, the University declared in 2022, that it will divert all its investments from coal and oil, but has not diverted its investments from the gas industry.

Today there are a number of student cells on this issue: at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, at Tel Hai College and Tel Aviv University. In addition, Green Course is a member of the Clean Money Forum that coordinates the demand to divert investments in Israel.

Our Demands:

  1. To freeze new investments in the fossil fuel sector immediately.
  2. To gradually get rid of direct and indirect existing holdings in these companies within 5 years.

Whether you are economists, artists, attorneys, researchers or engineers; whether you are students of humanities, social sciences, archeology, computers or biology, each one has a place and a role in this campaign.

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