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Youth Protest

Youth Climate Protest

The Youth Climate Protest, which functions independently, with our full accompaniment, assistance and support, is the Israeli branch of Fridays for Future. The Youth Climate Protest is gaining momentum around the world, and is led by pupils. Youngsters around the world are protesting the failure of governments and elected officials to deal with the climate crisis that threatens the future of humanity, in order to motivate them to change their attitude and to take the necessary actions to deal with the crisis.

The youth protest in Israel was started by Inbal Vesley in 2019, when she was a high school student and active in Green Course. After seeing that hardly any youth were climate activists, Inbal realized that there was a need for an activist space exclusively for youth, which would allow them to join and act.

The activists are working to change their future, with the understanding that their generation is the one that will bear the damage created by previous generations. Damage which will harm their lives irrevocably and prevent any chance of a stable and safe future for them.

The Youth Climate Protest has been supported by community organizers of Green Course since the beginning, and as an organization, we advise and assist and provide the youth with tools for effective action. The protest accepts any youth regardless of religion, nationality, gender, origin, geographical location or political views.

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