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Sustainable Urbanism

Beer Sheba

The Be’er Sheva area is a community/student cell that has existed for over ten years and operates together with the city’s community structures.

Over the years, the cell members have engaged in various struggles and campaigns, such as the struggle against establishing new settlements in the Negev, and various campaigns on urban issues that touch on day-to-day life in Be’er Sheva; among them – the Wassermeil struggle to construction of monstrous towers in the neighborhood, with education on climate, by impacting the overall plan and preparing for the climate crisis.

The current campaign deals with establishing extensive and systematic artificial shading on the city streets. Be’er Sheva is y nature a hot desert city, and proper shading is not a luxury, but a basic right. It can ensure the population have a pleasant walking experience within the city, and allow this for people with additional difficulties, such as the elderly, children, and even the people who clean our streets. Furthermore, proper shading will allow us to be less dependent on private vehicles, which will reduce traffic and air pollution around us in the city and will contribute to our health.

The Be’er Sheva Municipality prides itself on the number of trees it has planted, but in the best-case scenario, the planted trees will provide shade only many years in the future. In the worst-case scenario, which sadly is more likely, the trees won’t even reach adulthood as a result of a lack of care, or they will be felled like many of the city’s trees. A young tree is not a fully grown tree. Reckless and extensive tree felling which is common today, is no less than the madness of the times we live in. Shade = life, and we all deserve to have a street to walk on.

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