Green Course – about us

Green Course was established in 1997 to lead the change of policy in Israel and create a more sustainable and healthier environment for our society. Our mission is to inspire college students to take an active role changing environmental policies and feel a sense of responsibility to influence decision makers. Since 1997 we have created generations of young leaders who impact national policies using strategies taught to them during their time in Green Course. Our members use advocacy, public mobilization, spokesmanship, media relations and online campaigns to generate real change in Israel.

Green Course is the largest environmental volunteer organization in Israel. Every year, about 300 active volunteers and thousands of citizens take part in about 15 different environmental campaigns to promote policy change all over the country.

Some of the campaigns that Green Course is currently leading:

  • Clean air for Haifa bay
  • The struggle for natural gas: reducing gas export, dismantling of the gas monopoly, and reducing domestic gas prices
  • Protecting the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee from oil drilling
  • Strengthening Jerusalem and the Negev’s cities, protecting the remaining open spaces, ecosystems and biodiversity around the cities
  • Strengthening Israel’s commitment to deal with climate change
  • Reducing the environmental impact of the animal food industry
  • Promoting urban and communal food forests
  • Promoting the use of solar panels on the roofs of public buildings
  • And more…

Green Course was a key player in Israel’s most significant environmental achievements over the past 20 years. Among these are the promotion of the Israeli Clean Air Act, the Law of “Polluter Pays”, promotion of the “Coastline of Israel Act”, the “Deposit Law” for recycling of bottles, the cancellation of the plan to construct a coal power station in Ashkelon, the protection of the forests outside of Jerusalem from massive construction plans (Safdie plans), promoting efficient public transportation in the Dan region and peripheral areas, reducing pollution in Ramat Hovav Industrial Park, removal of the fish cages from the Gulf of Eilat, opening the coasts of the Sea of Galilee to the general public, and more.

Over the years Green Course has nurtured dozens of leaders. Many of Green Course alumni take up key leadership positions as Members of the Knesset, heads of environmental and social organizations, and are leaders in the public, education, and business sectors.