Internship program: making change in environmental campaigns

Green Course invites you to experience a powerful, well designed method of creating environmental change in Israel and gaining professional expertise in the field of campaigning alongside environmental activists from across the country.

What does it mean to intern in campaigns for environmental change?

The most important means by which we promote positive environmental change is through public campaign. To reach maximum effectiveness, we work in multiple fields, each with numerous methods including: community organizing, public action, spokesmanship and communication, government relations, and new media activities. Participants in the program work as part of active chapters and gain experience by learning how to create effective campaigns and participating in actual environmental campaigns while specializing in one of the specific campaign roles. The activists are mentored by community organizers who specializing in coordination of volunteers, members, and the outside community, as well as the experienced professionals from Green Course.

The program includes 4 campaign training sessions throughout the school year, and the practical expertise of Green Course campus chapters in one of these areas: public action, spokesmanship and communication, lobbying and government relations, new media and community relations.