Leadership Programs

Green Course leadership programs are designed to train change agents in Israel, and encourage young people for civic engagement, with an emphasis on sustainability.

At the core of operations in Green Course we have two programs: “Community Organizing” and “Interns for Environmental Change”.

The Program for Community Organizing is designed to train community organizers, outstanding students, and young people across the country who want to lead change.

The program consists of theoretical and practical training, lasts for two years, and includes training in community organizing and leading campaigns for environmental change.

The Community Organizers are leading the campaigns from campuses, and lead a local chapter to determine a strategy, set a course of action – and execute it.

The Program for Interns for Environmental Change include theoretical and practical training in one of the five “wheels” of the campaign: public mobilization, speaking and communications, government relations, new media, and community relations. The interns are accompanied and get mentored by the community organizers, and experienced professionals from Green Course.

Green Course Leadership programs encourage active civic engagement and leadership development that grows the next generation of leaders for change in Israel.