Environmental Leadership Program

What does a Community Organizer do at Green Course?

Community Organizers are people who are eager to make a change. Community Organizers lead action chapters on campus, with the belief that a small, but motivated, group of activists can make a big impact. Green Course is a Grassroots organization, therefore the Community Organizers are the ones who guide their chapter to select a campaign and plan their action strategy together. The Community Organizers guide the individual and professional development of the activists in their roles and maintain democratic, transparent conduct in the group. Every chapter has specialist activists trained as: spokesperson, government liaison, etc. The Organizers guide the specialist activists with the support of the corresponding specialists in the National Chapter.

How to lead a community towards change: A toolkit for environmental impact

·         Environment and ecology

·         Environmental justice

·         Planning and leading public campaigns

·         Influencing decision makers

·         Lobby and politics

·         Media and spokesman ship

·         Managing social media campaigns

·         Motivating volunteers

·         Managing volunteers (recruitment, action, compensation, preservation)

·         Leading a chapter of activists

·         Public speaking

·         Message delivery

·         Time management

·         Resource Development

·         Creativity

·         Peer learning

Participation in the Program provides a powerful and unique experience – much more than simple lines in your CV. Participants gain the expertise and practical knowledge necessary to lead a community towards environmental and social change, via meetings with media figures, policy makers and more. Participants from all across Israel come together and form a network of community organizers that soon become life-long friends and colleagues.