Let the Sun Work

Israel is a land of sun and a leader in renewable energy production. However, presently only two percent of the country’s electricity come from renewables. Furthermore 98% of the electricity is produced using fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. These nonrenewable resources cause environmental damage and harm our health.

Fortunately this damage can be reduced by extensive use of renewable resources, in particular solar energy which can be harnessed in open spaces as well as rooftops. Utilizing roofs by placing solar panels on them can generate green energy, reduce the ecological footprint, as well as cost of electricity in the long run, and prevent dependence on foreign companies, instead enabling independent power production.

The Knesset building has been producing electricity from solar energy, as well as over 100 schools and other public buildings in Jerusalem. We believe that every public building in Jerusalem can be used for solar energy production and we are working to promote solar energy on all public buildings throughout the country – not just government agencies, but also municipal, educational and cultural institutions such as universities, museums and theaters.

We intend on cooperating with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Moriah Company, placing solar panels on all the roofs of public buildings in Jerusalem. We strive to complete this process to set a precedent for other local authorities to step in and create an energy efficient, clean and healthy future for the state of Israel.

We consider Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and once the city has raised the banner of solar energy it will serve as a model for all cities in the country to replicate, generating electricity using green, clean, efficient and sustainable practices.