People’s Climate March Israel

People’s Climate March 2017- Israel
At times of climate crisis and global uncertainty.
At times when ‘leaders’ threaten to demolish environmental progress.
At these times we must remember that change comes from the people; and that when the people will lead, the leaders will follow.
We must remember that a small light can defeat much darkness.
On the 28th of April we are going to shine!

In honor of Earth Day 2017, climate marches will be held across the globe- and this is where we come into the picture. Israel’s Climate March will take place on Friday, 28th of April- the green event-of-the-year that you’ve all been waiting for! Everyone is invited- families, groups, companies, organizations etc.
Come and raise your voices for a world that our children will be able to live in!
Join us in sending a message of hope, activism and comradery to our friends marching across the globe.

The facts can no longer be ignored-
• 16 out of the 17 hottest years ever recorded (since accurate recording began) have been in the 21st century.
• 2016 was the hottest year in 137 of recording, and the third consecutive year to break the record.
• Israel’s scheme for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, that is supposed to be part of the solution, allows for a 14% growth in carbon emission; while the majority country’s schemes strive to reduce emissions despite population growth and industrial development.

The effects of climate change can already be felt right here in Israel: drought, wildfires in the Carmel Mountains and in Jerusalem, followed by torrential rains, nation-wide floods and regional instability. And yet, despite mounting evidence, we see the relentless pollution of Haifa bay, oil drills in the Golan Heights, excessive consumption of animal products and the list just goes on and on…

Will you march with us? Will you join our cry?

Sign up and find out how you can take part.

In addition to the Climate March on the 28th, there are many events to look forward to during earth week 19-28.4.2017. We invite you to join the action and instigate your own events.

“The medium is the message”, therefore the Climate March will be held with a ‘zero waste’ approach. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us do so