Support our Headstart Project and celebrate the 21th birthday of Green Course

Introducing the School for Activism!
Support our Headstart Project 
and celebrate the 21th birthday of Green Course with us


In 21 years of activity we have acquired considerable amount of tools and experience and now it’s time to pass it on. This is why we are launching the School for Activism that will travel around the country and boost of civic involvement in Israel.

The establishment of the School for Activism requires significant resources that we are currently lacking, this is why we embarked on a Headstart campaign. The success of this campaign will enable us to launch the educational programs of the School for Activism and pass them on to a hundred different organizations: educational institutions, leadership programs and reach over a thousand youngsters in as many classes and groups as possible throughout the country.

Go to Headstart and support the project


Test yourself! What kind of activist are you?

In order to build a broad active citizenship, we must invest in education for civic involvement, and for that, we need YOU!

Choose the level of activism you want to support or the type of activists you see yourself as – Are you a tree hugger? An environmental superhero? A megaphone-addict?

Choose the one that suits you the best!

Participating in the campaign is also an opportunity to get tickets to the most environmental party in town!

Green Course is celebrating 21 years of environmental leadership with an unforgettable evening at the Bascula Club in Tel Aviv.

Activists from the past and present of the Green Course will be there – vegan food – free drinks – DJ Alik Cosmic Connections – and many more surprises and lots of fun!

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