Beginning of Activity – September 2023

The group training program for supporting community struggles for environmental and social change

Green Course is a movement of the people, who understand that the only way to change reality is to act. We are a level (non-hierarchical), democratic movement consisting of volunteers activists from across the country.

Essence of the Program

The group training program for supporting community struggles enables a group who is interested in working to promote a better environmental and social reality, to do so in a professional and supportive framework. During the program, as a group you will go through professional training for community organization and activism, you will be supported as a group and gain tools to lead a public struggle to change reality.


Objectives of the Program

Access to all the study content of The Place

An online school for activism with everything you need to know in order to head up change. Though it you will learn about practical tools such as harnessing and motivating to act, strategic planning and leading a campaign of social change, tools to influence decision makers, working with the media and more.

Professional support in leadership development

To formalize activist groups and for activist work, including public actions, meeting with decision makers and leading relevant changes, effectively using social media and voicing the campaign messages in local and national the media.

Access to digital systems for use in the struggle

Petitions, WhatsApp campaigns, website, newsletters, social media and more.

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