Small Change –
Great Impact

Round Up allows you to donate small change every day, to the activity for environmental and social change in Israel, development of environmental leadership and changing reality for the better.


For every credit card purchase, the amount of your purchase will be rounded to the nearest shekel and will be transferred to help Green Course’s activity.
Let’s sat you made a ₪9.80 credit card purchase – You will be charged ₪10, with the 20 Agorot difference going to the organization!
The average donation is only about ₪4 per month.


Green Course is an active field organization, with the goal of promoting just and sustainable climate-environmental policy. We work in order to influence decision makers, and to expand the circles of environmental and social justice in Israel. Green Course works to prevent state authorities, corporations and human beings from harming natural resources and all systems that support the continuity and proper functioning of society and the natural environment. We are working to curb the climate crisis, and to deal with the effects that we are experiencing and will experience in the future. At the same time, we act against injustice which affects our environment and life in it today.


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