Why Support Us?

Because Green Course is changing the environmental reality in Israel. We have operated in the Knesset, with local bodies, in the media and in protests in the field, and we have tremendous achievements.

And these are only a small part of our achievements!

In order to continue to be victorious in the struggles we need you.
We do not receive governmental aid, and we need the public to continue to our work.
Thanks to your support we can continue to change reality.


The donation is tax deductible in accordance with section 46A.
Our financial reports are transparent to all on Guidestar Website.

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donation is tax deductible in accordance with section 46a’

Additional Methods to Support Us

By cheque made out to Megama Yeruka
To P.O.B 51344, Tel Aviv, 6721422
BY Bank Transfer
Megama Yeruka, Bank Mizrahi 20, Ribal Branch no. 408, Account 377014

Can’t Donate at the Moment but Wish to Support us Anyway?
Round Up In Our Favor!

‘Igul LeTova’ (Round Up) allows you to round up credit transaction sums, and the difference will go to Green Course. For you these are just a few shekels a month, but it helps us continue our work.


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