Join us in our demand to turn Azza Street into a public transportation lane!

Sustainable Urbanism

Jerusalem and Public Transportation

Green Course’s Jerusalem Cell has been in operation for over a decade and as part of its activities, has promoted various struggles, among them, construction of high-speed train tracks to Jerusalem and various local struggles.

The current campaign which the cell is working on is the struggle for a public transportation lane on Azza Street (the main street in the city), where over 700 buses travel daily. The campaign for construction of the public transportation lane is part of a struggle for the promotion of effective and high-quality public transportation; which will improve the urban level of the capital city of Israel, et all.

Residents of Gilo and the Katamon neighborhood, wishing to reach the city center, students enroute to the Mount Scopus Campus, residents of Givat Massuah on their way to the market – everyone uses these bus routes. However, Azza Street is still one big, noisy traffic jam. A crawling line of cars and buses, irritated honking of horns, blocked intersections and an average speed of less the 10 kph. Thousands of workers and students on their way to jobs or school have to spend the morning in endless traffic jams. The result is a waste of time, nerves, noise and honking that are caused by this traffic jam on Azza Street.

There is a simple solution to this problem – to turn Azza Street into a public transportation lane! We call on Mayor Moshe Leon to promote this move and turn Azza Street into a public transportation lane as soon as possible. This step will significantly reduce traffic on the street and in the neighborhood, it will reduce air and noise pollution, it will allow businesses on the street to thrive and will get more people to where they want to go much faster – and that is the role of good public transportation.

Jonathan Bar

Head of Jerusalem Cell


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